Weather Damage Repair

Storm Damage Repair

Exquisite Renovations does more than just remodels and repairs. We also assess the damage and help you come up with a plan of action that makes sense for your unique situation. 

Types of Weather Damage

In Missouri, weather damages comes from many sources. Most common are, wind damage, hail damage, fallen tree damage, and water damage.

While the roof is most likely to need storm related repairs, siding, gutters, and downspouts are most vulnerable.

What to do After a Storm?

First, be safe. While you want to check on your home or business right away, there are things to look out for such as, 

  • Downed power lines
  • Flowing water
  • Loose floor boards
  • Falling tiles
  • Exposed electrical wires

Once you know you are safe, you want to look inside your home for signs of damage. Pay special attention to your ceiling and basement.

When you talk to your insurance provider, they will want to know if you see any damage. Walk around the outside of your property and look at siding, gutters, windows, and any cracks in seams or concrete. 

When you have your claim started, it is time to work with an emergency assessment company. Preferably, work with someone local who knows the area and the people.