Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen Upgrade

For many, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a high-traffic space of function and form. You want it to be beautiful and inviting while also maximizing space, efficiency, and reducing utility costs.

Need a Fresh Look?

Nothing dates a house more than old carpet and cabinets. Luckily, new paint and updated finishings make a huge difference. Here are a few low-budget ideas to improve your kitchen today.

Three quick kitchen update tips:

Lighting styles come and go quickly. Buy the current style of lighting fixtures for an immediate update.

Paint, paint, paint. Did you know you can paint walls, cabinets, floors, and even tiles? With a clever stencil pattern and color, you can completely change the look of old tiles.

Replace older appliances with modern, energy-efficient versions. This saves money and adds a touch of elegance.

Three big kitchen renovation ideas:

Spend a little more on your countertops with high-end quartz or granite. These hardy, damage-resistant materials look and feel beautiful.

Buy panel-ready appliances that mimic the look of your cabinets. Wood or painted cabinets contrast with metal appliances and create a jarring impact if the materials and textures are not paired well. If your appliances look like your cabinets, you create a cohesive vision that feels luxurious.

Build in space to easily store and retrieve often used appliances like an air-fryer, toaster, blender, or waffle maker. These time-saving tools are important but clutter your counters. Give these items home with side-out shelving.