Finished Basement

Finished Basement

Finished basements give you more livable space, increase your home’s value, and give you a chance to customize your home to fit your family’s needs.

Small Space?

Do you love your home but wish you could spread out a bit more? Or was it the perfect home before your family grew? Making use of all your available square feet is important when maximizing smaller spaces.

What is a finished basement?

While the definition is flexible, finished basements typically look and feel like the rest of your home. This means there is good lighting, heating and air, and flooring.

How do finished basements add value?

You can break down added value into many subcategories. Two important categories to consider are quality of life and resale value.

Since most people use their renovated basement for a second living room, a playroom, or a game room, they give your family more ways to enjoy the home. And since livable space is a key factor in assessing a home’s value, finished basements can be an amazing tool to increase your resale price.