Cottage Home Roofing

Roof Repair and Remodel

Why repair or remodel a roof?

There are several functional reasons to repair or replace your roof.

  • Fix a leaky roof

  • Repair storm damage

  • Repair damage from high winds

  • damaged plumbing vents

  • Broken, curling, or worn shingles

  • Mold or moss build up

  • Increase home value

  • Emergency roof repair


You might also decided to upgrade your roof for aesthetic reasons.

  • Update the look of roof and guttering

  • Explore new roofing types

  • Pick a style that compliments your natural surroundings

You can read more reasons to consider a roof upgrade with this article by a roofing company in Denver, Colorado.

What questions should I ask a roofing contractor?

Exquisite Renovations knows it can be tricky to pick a roofing contractor in Springfield, Missouri. You have a lot of options!

When making your choice, we suggest preparing a list of questions ahead of time. To start your list, here are several important questions.

  1. How many years of experience do they have.

  2. What type of experience do they have.

  3. Do they have experience with many roof types such as metal roofing, asphalt shingles, or rubber slate.

  4. Ask them to tell you what kind of repairs and remodels they do most often. Do they primarily work with leak repair, storm damaged roofs, or other roofing problems.

Check out this list of questions to ask a roof repair contractor.

One final tip: It is a good idea to contact your insurance company prior to a roof leak repair or storm damage repair.