Bathroom Upgrade

Bathroom Upgarde

When measuring a home’s value, the number and quality of your home’s bedrooms and bathrooms are primary factors in increasing or decreasing your resale price.

Why renovate the bathroom?

Not only is your restroom one of the highest traffic areas in your home, but it is also a costly space. Updating old plumbing and lighting saves space and time while creating a relaxing and welcoming space that brings a little more peace to your day-to-day life. Plus, your bathroom is smaller than your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. This means you can keep renovation costs and time to a minimum.

Top ways to renovate your bathroom?

  1. Replace the flooring with high-end vinyl, tile, or ceramic to prevent water damage and make it easier to clean messes. If you want a luxury experience, consider adding heated flooring.
  2. Add storage with shelves, places to hang towels, and recessed nooks. You can even add places to hold shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, and toilet paper to reduce clutter.
  3. Lighting is an important factor, especially if someone in your home plans to spend time on hair or makeup. Consider including different lighting options for dim, low, natural, and bright light.
  4. Use color and texture to increase the visual space and visual interest. Some colors like red, orange and darker colors make a space feel smaller and static. Other colors, like white, yellow, and lighter colors make a space seem bigger and more dynamic. Consider what atmosphere you want to create.
  5. Update sinks, toilets, and shower heads with water-efficient plumbing to reduce costs.